Vinland Saga Total Episode List, Length, Run Time & Cast

Japanese historical manga series Vinland Saga is written and illustrated by Makoto Yukimura (Japanese:, Hepburn: Vinrando Saga). Continue reading to know about Vinland Saga Total Episode List. The series, which is published by Kodansha, began as a serial in the monthly manga publication Monthly Afternoon aimed at young adult males for boys before shifting to the magazine Weekly Shnen Magazine for boys. In 26 tank-bon books as of May 2022, its chapters have been assembled. Kodansha USA has granted permission for the English-language publication of Vinland Saga.

The plot of the narrative combines a reenactment of King Cnut the Great’s actual ascent to power with a revenge scheme centred on the historical explorer Thorfinn, the offspring of a killed former warrior who works for the mercenaries who carried out the murder.

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From July to December 2019, NHK General TV broadcast a 24-episode Wit Studio-animated anime television series adaption. In January 2023, Tokyo MX and BS11 broadcast the start of the second season, which was animated by MAPPA.

Vinland Saga had over 7 million copies in circulation as of August 2022. The 36th Kodansha Manga Award for Best General Manga went to the series, and it also took home the Grand Prize at the 13th Japan Media Arts Festival. A number of critics hailed the anime adaption as one of the year’s top anime series.

Vinland Saga Total Episode List, First Aired, Run Time: Season 1

Vinland Saga Total Episode List
EpisodeNameFirst AiredRuntime
S01E01ここではないどこか (Somewhere not here)July 8, 2019NHK25
S01E02剣 (Swordsman)July 8, 2019NHK25
S01E03戦鬼 (War demon)July 8, 2019NHK25
S01E04本当の戦士 (A real warrior)July 29, 2019NHK25
S01E05戦鬼の子 (War demon’s child)August 5, 2019NHK25
S01E06旅の始まり (The beginning of the journey)August 12, 2019NHK25
S01E07北人 (Northerners)August 19, 2019NHK25
S01E08海の果ての果て (The end of the sea)August 26, 2019NHK25
S01E09ロンドン橋の死闘 (The fight to the death of London Bridge)September 2, 2019NHK25
S01E10ラグナロク (Ragnarok)September 16, 2019NHK25
S01E11賭け (A bet)September 23, 2019NHK25
S01E12対岸の国 (Country on the other side)September 30, 2019NHK25
S01E13英雄の子 (Child of a hero)October 7, 2019NHK25
S01E14暁光 (Akatsuki)October 14, 2019NHK25
S01E15冬至祭(ユル)のあと (After the Winter Solstice Festival (Yuru)).October 21, 2019NHK25
S01E16ケダモノの歴史 (The history of animals)October 28, 2019NHK25
S01E17仕えし者 (A servant)November 4, 2019NHK25
S01E18ゆりかごの外 (Out of the cradle)November 18, 2019NHK25
S01E19共闘 (Co-fighting)November 25, 2019NHK25
S01E20王冠 (Crown)December 2, 2019NHK25
S01E21再会 (See you again)December 9, 2019NHK25
S01E22孤狼 (Lone Wolf)December 16, 2019NHK25
S01E23誤算 (Miscalculation)December 23, 2019NHK25
S01E24END OF THE PROLOGUE (series finale)December 30, 2019NHK25

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Vinland Saga Total Episode List, First Aired, Run Time: Season 2

EpisodeNameFirst AiredRuntime
S02E01奴隷 (Slave)January 10, 2023Tokyo MX26
S02E02ケティルの農場 (Ketil’s farm)January 17, 2023Tokyo MX26
S02E03TBAJanuary 24, 2023Tokyo MX25
S02E04TBAJanuary 31, 2023Tokyo MX25
S02E05TBAFebruary 7, 2023Tokyo MX25
S02E06TBAFebruary 14, 2023Tokyo MX25
S02E07TBAFebruary 21, 2023Tokyo MX25
S02E08TBAFebruary 28, 2023Tokyo MX25
S02E09TBAMarch 7, 2023Tokyo MX25
S02E10TBAMarch 14, 2023Tokyo MX25
S02E11TBAMarch 21, 2023Tokyo MX25
S02E12TBAMarch 28, 2023Tokyo MX25

Vinland Saga: Cast

Vinland Saga Total Episode List
  • Aleks Le – Thorfinn Thordarson
  • Kirk Thornton – Askeladd
  • Laura Stahl – Young Thorfinn Thordarson
  • Billy Kametz – Ari
  • Allegra Clark – Ylva
  • Griffin Burns – Canute
  • Frank Todaro – Leif Erikson
  • Greg Chun – Thors Snorresson
  • J. Michael Tatum – Willibad
  • Jamieson K. Price – King Sweyn
  • Keith Silverstein – Floki
  • Julia McIlvaine – Helga
  • Kaiji Tang – Halfdan, Atli
  • Patrick Seitz – Thorkell
  • Kyle Hebert – Ragnar
  • Ray Chase – Bjorn

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How is the anime Vinland Saga?

Unquestionably a neglected masterpiece! The animation is amazing, and some of the fight scenes look very exciting. You want to binge watch this show because the plot is intriguing and most of the characters have developed well. amazing and stirring tale

How do the Vikings and the Vinland Saga compare?

The historical anime Vinland Saga is uncommon. It takes place during the Viking era and depicts their global adventures and victories over the peoples of Europe in a typically exaggerated way. There are numerous characters based on real people because of that commitment to history. Many well-known Vikings from that era appear in the television series.

What kind of anime is Vinland Saga?

Due recognition is given for the film’s magnificent visuals, jaw-dropping action sequences, and excellent portrayal of a historical story. Additionally, there are a number of other anime that are comparable to Vinland Saga. Lauren Turner’s most recent revision was made on January 15, 2023: A popular anime series with a Viking theme is called Vinland Saga.

What is the storyline of Vinland Saga?

Thorfinn sets off on a voyage with his father’s assassin in order to exact revenge, kill him in a duel as a brave warrior, and honour his father. Thorfinn, a young guy, decides to seek retribution from the person who killed his father.

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