The Sound of Magic Total Episode List, Length, Run Time, and Cast

The Sound of Magic is an intense music drama that centers on Yoon Ah-yi, a low-income student at Sewoon High School, who has lost her earlier zeal for believing in magic. She experiences several setbacks and longs to mature more quickly and become an adult so she may get rid of the significant pressures and debts that drain her. She later encounters Ri Eul, an adult magician who wants to live in the role of a so-called “kid.” 

He tries to pretend he is a true magician and asks everyone he encounters the question “Do you believe in magic?” while being despised and shunned by the whole town. Ah-deskmate yi’s Na Il-deung, a chilly and wealthy student, begins to eavesdrop on her magic lessons with the magician after becoming a frequent visitor to Ri Eul’s home (which is at a hauntingly, abandoned amusement park), and eventually starts to exhibit an interest in her and magic acts. Overall, when Ah-yi follows Ri Eul, rediscovers her faith in magic, and further decides to pursue her ambitions seriously, her life progressively transforms.

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The Sound of Magic: Total Episode List, First Aired, Run Time

The Sound of Magic Official Trailer
EpisodeNameFirst AiredRuntime
S01E011. 마술을 믿으세요?May 6, 2022Netflix69
S01E022. 꿈꾸게 하지 말아요May 6, 2022Netflix69
S01E033. 회전목마May 6, 2022Netflix63
S01E044. 어른이 된다는 것May 6, 2022Netflix73
S01E055. 아스팔트의 저주May 6, 2022Netflix62
S01E066. 마지막 공연 (series finale)May 6, 2022Netflix78

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Is a second season of The Sound of Magic necessary? 

The question of whether The Sound of Magic deserves a second season is the one that everyone ignores when talking about it. This is primarily because by the end of episode 6, many of the plotlines from the first season have been resolved. 

We might see some of the following plotlines in season 2 if the writers were ready to extend the story beyond one season; 

What became of the sorcerer Ri Eul? Ri Eul was never seen again after Ah-Yi employed magic to help him vanish and escape the cops. Will Ri Eul return to share more of his secrets with Ah-Yi as she starts to investigate magic further? 

Will Ri Eul ever have his name cleared? Will Ri Eul’s name finally be cleared for good in a second season after being falsely accused of a murder he didn’t commit? 

Will Ah-Yi be able to continue a new profession as a magician now that Ah-father Yi’s has kept his word to find work to pay off his debts? 

Having been abandoned by her mother, Ah-Yi has pined for her, sending her letters and messages in the hope that one day she will come back. Nothing could be more upsetting than Ah-mother Yi’s coming back as she starts to establish herself in the world.

The Sound of Magic: Cast

The Sound of Magic
  • Ji Chang-wook as Ri Eul / Ryu Min-hyuk
  • Nam Da-reum as young Ryu Min-hyuk
  • Choi Sung-eun as Yoon Ah-yi
  • Joo Ye-rim as young Yoon Ah-yi
  • Hwang In-youp as Na Il-deung
  • Choi Seung-hoon as young Na Il-deung
  • Yoon Kyung-ho as Kim Doo-shik, convenience store owner
  • Choi Young-joon as Detective Kim
  • Kim Bada as Detective Park
  • Park Ha-na as Min Ji-soo
  • Hong Seo-hee as young Min Ji-soo
  • Yoon Sa-bong as Yoon Ah-Yi’s landlady
  • Ryu Kyung-soo is a part-time employee at a convenience store
  • Park Seul-gi as Bella, Ri Eul’s parrot (voice appearance)
  • Woo Mi-hwa as Seo Ha-yeon’s Mother.

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Will Sound of Music get a second season? 

The Kim Min Jeong-written and Kim Seong-Yoon-directed K-drama is based on Ha Il-webcomic Kwon’s Annarasumanara. The decision to renew The Sound of Magic for a second season has not yet been made. Fans might still have trust in the producers because the show hasn’t been formally canceled yet. 

The Sound of Magic: Is it a love story? 

In the new musical series The Sound of Magic on Netflix, teen K-drama and neo-gothic romance collide. 

What is the Sound of the Magic saga? 

It relates to the tale of a strange magician named Ri Eul who shows up from out of nowhere in front of Yoon Ah-yi, a girl who lost her dream, and Na Il-deung, a boy who is made to dream.

Is The Sound of Magic entertaining to watch? 

The too-drawn-out episodes could be cut here and there, but The Sound of Magic strikes the perfect mix between clever and amusing. It will probably be a hit among K-stuff fans. In every regard, The Sound of Magic is incredibly evocative.

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