That 90s Show Total Episode List, Length, Run Time & Cast 

That ’90s Show is a 1995 summer-set American television period teen sitcom featuring characters and settings that first appeared in That ’70s Show. On January 19, 2023, Netflix began streaming it.

In 1995, 15 years after the events of That ’70s Show, Leia Forman, the teenage daughter of Eric Forman and Donna Pinciotti, spends the summer with Red and Kitty in Point Place, Wisconsin. While there, she makes friends with other teenagers.

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That 90s Show Total Episode List, First Aired, Run Time

EpisodeNameFirst AiredRuntime
S01E01That ’90s PilotJanuary 19, 2023Netflix30
S01E02Free LeiaJanuary 19, 2023Netflix24
S01E03Lip SmackersJanuary 19, 2023Netflix24
S01E04RaveJanuary 19, 2023Netflix22
S01E05Step By StepJanuary 19, 2023Netflix22
S01E06The Birthday GirlJanuary 19, 2023Netflix22
S01E07Boyfriend Day OneJanuary 19, 2023Netflix22
S01E08Summer StormJanuary 19, 2023Netflix22
S01E09Dirty Double BookerJanuary 19, 2023Netflix22
S01E10Kids In America (season finale)January 19, 2023Netflix24

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When will season 2 of That ’90s Show be released?

The second season of That ’90s Show has not yet been announced, as Netflix has not yet renewed the series.

The New Cast of That 90s Show: Who Are They?

That 90s Show Total Episode List

Callie Haverda will play Leia Forman in the new television series. Ashley Aufderheide plays the rebellious Riot Grrrl Gwen, Mace Coronel plays Jay, Maxwell Acee Donovan plays Gwen’s more well-liked older brother Nate, Reyn Doi plays the sarcastic Ozzie, and Sam Morelos plays Nate’s smart girlfriend Nikki, who desperately wants to rebel against her prim and proper image. These actors join Haverda as Leia’s friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why does Hyde not appear on That 90’s Show?

But owing to the actor’s actual legal issues, don’t anticipate seeing Steven Hyde (Danny Masterson) in any of the new episodes, which take place 20 years after the first comedy. Masterson was accused of “forcibly raping three women in separate events between 2001 and 2003” in a June 2020 allegation.

Where 90s show can I find?

“That 90s Show,” a Netflix original series, has brought the property into a completely new era almost twenty years after the original programme counted down to its finale.

The 90s show has how many episodes?

Netflix is currently showing all ten episodes of That ’90s Show. Do not fear; we will not judge you if you choose to watch them all at once.

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