Shaun So (Chlumsky’s Husband) Wiki Bio: Net Worth, Family, Kids, Wife

Shaun So is an entrepreneur and a former soldier in the US Army. Prior to entering the private sector, he was employed by the Department of Defense as an intelligence analyst; nevertheless, he is perhaps best known as the spouse of the actress Anna Chlumsky. What more do we know about Shaun So at this point?

About Shaun So’s life before to meeting Anna Chlumsky, not much is known. We do know he was born in 1980 and is of American and Asian ancestry. His father was a cooking instructor at Chicago’s Kendall College of Culinary Arts when Shaun married Anna. His family is Chinese.

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What is Shaun So’s estimated net worth?

Shaun So

The American entrepreneur is thought to have a net worth of between $3 million and $4 million, according to News Unzip. However, be aware that the information source is unconfirmed and not to be trusted. The profits from his businesses are his main source of income. While in the service, he also made a good living.

Shaun So: Profile

Full nameShaun So
Year of birth1980
Age43 years old (as of 2023)
Current residenceIllinois, Chicago, USA
Place of birthMaine, United States of America Illinois,
Chicago, USA
Net worth$3 million – $4 million
ProfessionEx-military officer, entrepreneur
Relationship statusMarried
Height in feet5’9″
PartnerAnna Chlumsky

Who is Shaun So, Anna Chlumksy’s husband?

Shaun So

A veteran and an entrepreneur are also. Three years after they first started dating, much of it being long distance, So was called up for duty in Afghanistan. If long-distance dating is a sport, deployment is the X Games, as Chlumsky put it in a 2014 Glamour story. When she received the news, she sent an email to her friends in New York City informing them that she would be “creating a fortress around myself in order to stay strong for my soldier.”

Returning in January 2006, he did so while continuing his five-year Army Reserve service. We discussed the future a lot over a two-week break, she wrote, “his, mine, ours, and the Army’s.” We had decided to rely on our group’s collective tenacity to see things through to the end since, despite all doubts, we had come to the decision that life is only better when we are all together.

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What is Shaun So’s profession?

Shaun So

So spent ten years working as a special agent and counterterrorism expert for the U.S. Army and Department of Defense before switching to the private sector, according to his Forbescontributor bio. He has been the CEO and creator of The So Company since April 2012.

His LinkedIn page states that he “grows income, develops strategy, and manages staff at a company that enhances public services for users.” As the founder and CEO of Cubby, a “urban logistics startup,” and as the co-founder of Digital Services Coalition, a non-profit organisation, respectively, according to his profile, it looks to be the third business he has started.

What brought Shaun So and Anna Chlumsky together?

Shaun So

Chlumsky achieved prominence young, but at the age of 18, he left the public eye. As she stated in her 2014 Glamour profile, she went to college during her break from the entertainment industry “to discover a world of academia and potential.” One of those eventual outcomes was her meeting So for the first time during a “rare dance party” on the University of Chicago quadrangle, which led to her eventual marriage. We instantly became infatuated with one another, and I knew we’d be together after I graduated, according to the actress, who then relocated to New York City for a post-graduation fact-checking job as Cho finished his final year of college. The following year, the couple kept up their distant romance.

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Here are some FAQs about Shaun So:

Frequently Asked Questions

What profession does Shaun So have?

Shaun So, a soldier / occupation
An army member is referred to as a soldier. An officer, non-commissioned officer, or conscripted or volunteer enlisted individual are all considered soldiers.

How did Shaun So and Anna Chlumsky meet?

We also know that Shaun So attended the University of Chicago for his undergraduate studies. So first met the girl there in 2000 while dancing on the quad. It was a chance encounter that would alter his life. Anna Chlumsky was that woman.

Has Anna Chlumsky given birth?

She currently has two daughters, Anna Chlumsky! A representative for the 35-year-old Veep actress, who is nominated for an Emmy, exclusively confirms to PEOPLE that she and her husband Shaun So welcomed their daughter Clara Elizabeth So on Thursday, July 28.

How Korean is Shaun?

Shaun is the stage name of South Korean singer-songwriter, music producer, and DJ Kim Yun-ho (Korean: ; born January 12, 1990).

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