My Hero Academia Total Episode List, Length, Run Time & Cast

The Japanese superhero comic series My Hero Academia, also known as Boku no Hr Akademia in Hepburn, was created by Khei Horikoshi. Continue reading to know about My Hero Academia Total Episode List. Since July 2014, it has been serialised in Weekly Shnen Jump, a publication for shnen manga published by Shueisha. As of October 2022, its chapters have also been collected into 36 tankbon volumes. The tale centres on Izuku Midoriya, a young man without a superpower (referred to as a “Quirk”) who nonetheless aspires to be a superhero despite being born without one. All Might, Japan’s greatest superhero, spots him and grants Midoriya his Quirk after spotting his potential. All Might also assists in getting Midoriya accepted into a famous high school for aspiring or superheroes.

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My Hero Academia: Season 1 Total Episode List, First Aired, Run Time

My Hero Academia Total Episode List
EpisodeNameFirst AiredRuntime
S01E01緑谷出久:オリジンApril 3, 2016Nippon TV24
S01E02ヒーローの条件April 10, 2016Nippon TV24
S01E03うなれ筋肉April 17, 2016Nippon TV24
S01E04スタートラインApril 24, 2016Nippon TV24
S01E05今 僕に出来ることをMay 1, 2016Nippon TV24
S01E06猛れクソナードMay 8, 2016Nippon TV24
S01E07デクvsかっちゃんMay 15, 2016Nippon TV24
S01E08スタートライン、爆豪の。May 22, 2016Nippon TV24
S01E09いいぞガンバレ飯田くんMay 29, 2016Nippon TV24
S01E10未知との遭遇June 5, 2016Nippon TV24
S01E11ゲームオーバーJune 12, 2016Nippon TV24
S01E12オールマイトJune 19, 2016Nippon TV24
S01E13各々の胸に (season finale)June 26, 2016Nippon TV24

My Hero Academia: Season 2 Total Episode List, First Aired, Run Time

My Hero Academia Total Episode List
EpisodeNameFirst AiredRuntime
S02E01そういうことね お茶子さんApril 1, 2017Nippon TV23
S02E02うなれ体育祭April 8, 2017Nippon TV23
S02E03みんな個性的でいいねApril 15, 2017Nippon TV23
S02E04策策策April 22, 2017Nippon TV23
S02E05騎馬戦決着April 29, 2017Nippon TV23
S02E06全てを持って生まれた男の子May 6, 2017Nippon TV23
S02E07勝ち負けMay 13, 2017Nippon TV23
S02E08奮え!チャレンジャーMay 20, 2017Nippon TV23
S02E09爆豪VS麗日May 27, 2017Nippon TV23
S02E10轟焦凍:オリジンJune 3, 2017Nippon TV23
S02E11飯田くんファイトJune 10, 2017Nippon TV23
S02E12轟VS爆豪June 17, 2017Nippon TV23
S02E13名前をつけてみようの会June 24, 2017Nippon TV23
S02E14怪奇!グラントリノ現るJuly 8, 2017Nippon TV23
S02E15緑谷と死柄木July 15, 2017Nippon TV23
S02E16ヒーロー殺しステインVS雄英生徒July 22, 2017Nippon TV23
S02E17決着July 29, 2017Nippon TV23
S02E18「ヒーロー殺しステイン」その余波August 5, 2017Nippon TV23
S02E19それぞれの職場体験August 12, 2017Nippon TV23
S02E20知れ!昔の話August 19, 2017Nippon TV23
S02E21備えろ期末テストSeptember 2, 2017Nippon TV23
S02E22八百万:ライジングSeptember 9, 2017Nippon TV23
S02E23むけろ一皮September 16, 2017Nippon TV23
S02E24爆豪勝己:オリジンSeptember 23, 2017Nippon TV23
S02E25エンカウンター (season finale)September 30, 2017Nippon TV23

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My Hero Academia: Season 3 Total Episode List, First Aired, Run Time

My Hero Academia Total Episode List
EpisodeNameFirst AiredRuntime
S03E01ゲーム・スタートApril 7, 2018Nippon TV23
S03E02ワイルド・ワイルド・プッシーキャッツApril 14, 2018Nippon TV23
S03E03洸汰くんApril 21, 2018Nippon TV23
S03E04僕のヒーローApril 28, 2018Nippon TV23
S03E05ブチ込む鉄拳!!!May 5, 2018Nippon TV23
S03E06がなる風雲急May 12, 2018Nippon TV23
S03E07転転転!May 19, 2018Nippon TV23
S03E08飯田から緑谷へMay 26, 2018Nippon TV23
S03E09オール・フォー・ワンJune 2, 2018Nippon TV23
S03E10平和の象徴June 9, 2018Nippon TV23
S03E11ワン・フォー・オールJune 16, 2018Nippon TV23
S03E12始まりの終わり 終わりの始まりJune 23, 2018Nippon TV23
S03E13入れ寮June 30, 2018Nippon TV23
S03E14編め必殺技July 14, 2018Nippon TV23
S03E15THE試験July 21, 2018Nippon TV23
S03E16這い寄る士傑高校July 28, 2018Nippon TV23
S03E171年A組August 4, 2018Nippon TV23
S03E18RUSH!August 11, 2018Nippon TV23
S03E19救助演習August 18, 2018Nippon TV23
S03E20特別編・愛で地球を救え!August 25, 2018Nippon TV23
S03E21何をしてんだよSeptember 1, 2018Nippon TV23
S03E22てめェの“個性”の話だSeptember 8, 2018Nippon TV23
S03E23デクvsかっちゃん2September 15, 2018Nippon TV23
S03E24出会いの季節September 22, 2018Nippon TV23
S03E25無敵 (season finale)September 29, 2018Nippon TV23

My Hero Academia: Season 4 Total Episode List, First Aired, Run Time

EpisodeNameFirst AiredRuntime
S04E01スクープ雄英1年A組October 12, 2019Nippon TV24
S04E02オーバーホールOctober 19, 2019Nippon TV23
S04E03ボーイ・ミーツ…October 26, 2019Nippon TV23
S04E04抗う運命November 9, 2019Nippon TV23
S04E05ガッツだレッツラレッドライオットNovember 16, 2019Nippon TV23
S04E06嫌な話November 23, 2019Nippon TV23
S04E07GO!!November 30, 2019Nippon TV23
S04E08ビッグ3のサンイーターDecember 7, 2019Nippon TV23
S04E09烈怒頼雄斗December 14, 2019Nippon TV23
S04E10出向December 21, 2019Nippon TV23
S04E11ルミリオンDecember 28, 2019Nippon TV23
S04E12見えない希望January 4, 2020Nippon TV23
S04E13無限100%January 11, 2020Nippon TV23
S04E14明るい未来January 18, 2020Nippon TV23
S04E15燻る炎January 25, 2020Nippon TV23
S04E16掴めガキ心February 1, 2020Nippon TV23
S04E17ホッコれ仮免講習February 8, 2020Nippon TV23
S04E18文化祭February 15, 2020Nippon TV23
S04E19文化祭って準備してる時が一番楽しいよねFebruary 22, 2020Nippon TV23
S04E20ゴールドティップスインペリアルFebruary 29, 2020Nippon TV23
S04E21デクVSジェントル・クリミナルMarch 7, 2020Nippon TV23
S04E22開催文化祭!March 14, 2020Nippon TV23
S04E23垂れ流せ!文化祭!March 21, 2020Nippon TV23
S04E24ヒーロービルボードチャートJPMarch 28, 2020Nippon TV23
S04E25始まりの (season finale)April 4, 2020Nippon TV23

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My Hero Academia: Season 5 Total Episode List, First Aired, Run Time

EpisodeNameFirst AiredRuntime
S05E01全員出動!1年A組March 27, 2021Nippon TV23
S05E02面影April 3, 2021Nippon TV23
S05E03激突!A組VSB組April 10, 2021Nippon TV23
S05E04それ行け心操くん!April 17, 2021Nippon TV24
S05E05新技即興オペレーションApril 24, 2021Nippon TV23
S05E06先を見据えてMay 1, 2021Nippon TV23
S05E07第3試合May 8, 2021Nippon TV23
S05E08第3試合決着May 15, 2021Nippon TV23
S05E09先手必勝!May 22, 2021Nippon TV23
S05E10受け継ぐモノMay 29, 2021Nippon TV23
S05E11ぼくらの大乱戦June 5, 2021Nippon TV23
S05E12新しい力とオール・フォー・ワンJune 12, 2021Nippon TV23
S05E13メリれ!クリスマス!June 19, 2021Nippon TV23
S05E14いざ!エンデヴァー事務所June 26, 2021Nippon TV23
S05E15一つ一つJuly 10, 2021Nippon TV23
S05E16お久しぶりですセルキーさんJuly 17, 2021Nippon TV23
S05E17地獄の轟くん家July 24, 2021Nippon TV23
S05E18許されざる者July 31, 2021Nippon TV23
S05E19誰よりもおまえはヒーローにAugust 14, 2021Nippon TV23
S05E20僕のヴィランアカデミアAugust 21, 2021Nippon TV23
S05E21再臨祭August 28, 2021Nippon TV23
S05E22サッドマンズパレードSeptember 4, 2021Nippon TV23
S05E23志村転弧:オリジンSeptember 11, 2021Nippon TV23
S05E24死柄木弔:オリジンSeptember 18, 2021Nippon TV23
S05E25空、高く群青 (season finale)September 25, 2021Nippon TV23

My Hero Academia: Season 6 Total Episode List, First Aired, Run Time

EpisodeNameFirst AiredRuntime
S06E01静かな始まりOctober 1, 2022Nippon TV24
S06E02No.5のミルコさんOctober 8, 2022Nippon TV24
S06E03One’s JusticeOctober 15, 2022Nippon TV24
S06E04継承October 22, 2022Nippon TV24
S06E05破滅のボルテージOctober 29, 2022Nippon TV24
S06E06エンカウンター2November 5, 2022Nippon TV24
S06E07災害歩行November 12, 2022Nippon TV24
S06E08敵(ヴィラン)連合vs雄英生November 19, 2022Nippon TV24
S06E09爆豪勝己:ライジングNovember 26, 2022Nippon TV24
S06E10僕らの中の人December 3, 2022Nippon TV24
S06E11ダビダンスDecember 10, 2022Nippon TV24
S06E12一縷の希望たちDecember 17, 2022Nippon TV24
S06E13ラストステージDecember 24, 2022Nippon TV24
S06E14極々、地獄January 7, 2023Nippon TV24
S06E15タルタロスJanuary 14, 2023Nippon TV24
S06E16TBAJanuary 21, 2023Nippon TV24
S06E17TBAJanuary 28, 2023Nippon TV24
S06E18TBAFebruary 4, 2023Nippon TV24
S06E19TBAFebruary 11, 2023Nippon TV24
S06E20TBAFebruary 18, 2023Nippon TV24
S06E21TBAFebruary 25, 2023Nippon TV24
S06E22TBAMarch 4, 2023Nippon TV24
S06E23TBAMarch 11, 2023Nippon TV24
S06E24TBAMarch 18, 2023Nippon TV24
S06E25TBA (season finale)March 25, 2023Nippon TV24

Does My Hero Academia have seven seasons?

Release date predictions, spoilers, and more for My Hero Academia season 7. My Hero Academia season 7 is most likely the anime’s last, and fans are guessing about its release date in a frenzy.

What happened to My Hero Academia?

If all went according to plan, Horikoshi anticipated the manga ending in a year. Naturally, 2022 is coming to a close in a few months. It’s possible that his prediction won’t pan out. The most recent manga arc of My Hero Academia is underway.

Why is “My Hero Academia” rated “15+”?

It’s a movie for anime enthusiasts, older kids, and teenagers, especially those who can handle fast-moving subtitles, because there is a good amount of cartoon violence and sequences that show youngsters in danger.

Does MHA Season 6 exist?

The anime series My Hero Academia is currently on its sixth season. In Japan, Funimation, and Crunchyroll, it made its debut on October 1, 2022. Beginning on October 15, 2022, Crunchyroll created the English dub, which began airing two weeks after the Japanese version.

Is Deku going to turn bad?

Personality. Although there are many distinct types of villain Deku, the most prevalent are either cold, cunning bad guys who utilise espionage and infiltration to keep one step ahead of their targets.

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