Leydis Serrano Biography 2023 – Husband, Kids, Age, Height, Net worth

Leydis Serrano, as many of us know her, is the wife of Jorge Carlos Soler Castillo, a Prominent Cuban Professional baseball outfielder. Leydis opened his beautiful eyes for the first time in the neighborhood of Cuba at the beginning of the 90 decades or the end of the Country.

In this article we will know about Jorge Soler Wife Leydis’s life ie; her biography, career, age, nationality, kids, height, religion, birthday, partner, siblings, net worth, and a few other things which are unknown to all of you so let’s start.

Leydis Serrano’s Bio Summary

NameLeydis Serrano
Agelate 20s
Famous asJorge Carlos Soler Castillo’s Wife
SpouseJorge Soler
ChildrenJorley solar and Leysa Solar
NationalityDual Citizenship of Cuban and America
Skin colorFair
Eye ColourBrown
Hair colorBlonde
Net Worth$ 3 million
Leydis Serrano

Jorge Soler Wife Leydis Biography

Leydis Serrano was born into a famous family in Cuba, She is a well-known Celebrity wife. That Celebrity is our all-favorite baseball outfielder Jorge Soler. Jorge solar was in a relationship with Leydis for a long time. Their relationship ended well in the 2000s. However, nothing is known about their union or marriage.

However, an Instagram post by Jorge Solar Suggests that they were married in the 2000s. Jorge Soler took to his Instagram on 4th December 2020 to reveal their married relationship Jorge Soler’s wife has a stunning incident which is the main reason for interest among the viewers of Jorge Solar. The reason is that Serrano is a Citizen of both Cuba and the United States. Leydis is a believer in Christianity. She didn’t want to put her life in front of Everyone.

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Leydis Serrano Boyfriend and Husband

Leydis Serrano was Jorge soler’s girlfriend. This Jorge Soler is a great Cuban outfielder for the Atlanta Braves and formerly of the Chicago Club and the Kansas City Royals, dating leads Serrano. Jorge Soler played for Cuba’s national baseball team in the 2010 world Junior Baseball Championship and had a 304 average. Solar played briefly with the Cuban National Series.

Jorge Soler fled Cuba in 2011. He established himself as a free man in Haiti. Soler was unblocked by the Office of Foreign Assets Control on June 2, 2012, making him an MLB free agent. As a free agent, Many teams were involved in bidding on soler. Later she gets married to her boyfriend Jorge Soler.

Leydis Serrano Boyfriend

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Leydis Serrano’s Height and Weight

Leydis Serrano is about 5ft tall. We did not know the weight of leads Serrano or her Characteristics because these things are secret to a person, that is impossible to know if the Person does not want to tell. But her eyes are brown and her hair is blonde. His Skin Colour is White and he belongs to Caucasian Ethnicity.

Leydis Serrano Childrens

Leydis Serrano and her husband Jorge Soler have been married for over half a decade. They are both proud parents of two Children. She has a son and daughter, Who were born at the same time as Leydis. She has a son named Jorley solar and a daughter named Leysa Solar.

Leydis Serrano Childrens

Net Worth

Leydis Serrano’s net worth is impossible to say precisely at that time but we have done some research which we will share with you all in this article today.

Leydis’s husband Jorge Soler has a net worth of 3 million dollars. As a player, Soler’s Contribution to building this wealth is the greatest in baseball. Furthermore, according to sporadic, Leydis’s husband Jorge Soler signed a one-year contract with Kansas City. For that, he received about 8 million dollars. The deal was complete for Leydis’s husband’s baseball playing Career.

According to our latest research, Jorge Soler joined the Chicago Cubs on June 11, 2012, and signed 9 year Contact worth an estimated thirty million dollars. A three-time million dollar Contract appears to be apparent as a spent almost a player decade in the MLB with Unbelievable details. This implies the amount of Wealth of Leydis and her husband.

Leydis’s Social Media


The Twitter handle of Leydis Serrano is leydis-soler12 and she has 354 followers and 33 followings.


Apart from Leydis Serrano’s Twitter account, she is also associated with other social media.
Do you know what that is? It is our all favorite social media app Instagram only occasionally. Here she shares pictures and words about her personal life and precious moments of her life. She can be found on Instagram as Leydissoler12. He has more than 7.3k followers.

Who is Leydis Serrano?

Leydis Serrano is a Cuban international currently living in the United States with her husband Jorge Soler.

How old is Lady Serrano?

Leydis Serrano’s age is estimated to be in her late 20s like her better half.

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