Hunters Total Episode List, Length, Run Time & Cast 

The David Weil-created television drama series Hunters is a conspiracy-themed programme in the United States. Continue reading to know about Hunters Total Episode List. The launch of Amazon Prime Video was on February 21, 2020. The second and final season of the show, which debuted on January 13, 2023, was renewed for a second season in August 2020. 

The characters in the series are based on a number of actual Nazi hunters from various eras, but none of them are intended to be a direct replica. The film follows a diverse group of Nazi hunters who live in 1977 New York City and learn that various exiled Nazi officials are plotting to establish a Fourth Reich in the country. The discovery of Operation Paperclip, the American government’s plan to import German scientists—many of them Nazis—into the country, serves as a parallel story point.

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Hunters: Season 1 Total Episode List, First Aired, Run Time

Hunters Total Episode List
EpisodeNameFirst AiredRuntime
S01E01In The Belly Of The WhaleFebruary 21, 2020Amazon Prime Video90
S01E02The Mourner’s KaddishFebruary 21, 2020Amazon Prime Video60
S01E03While Visions Of Safta Danced In His HeadFebruary 21, 2020Amazon Prime Video60
S01E04The Pious ThievesFebruary 21, 2020Amazon Prime Video60
S01E05At Night, All Birds are BlackFebruary 21, 2020Amazon Prime Video60
S01E06(Ruth 1:16)February 21, 2020Amazon Prime Video60
S01E07Shalom Motherf***erFebruary 21, 2020Amazon Prime Video60
S01E08The Jewish QuestionFebruary 21, 2020Amazon Prime Video65
S01E09The Great Ole Nazi Cookout of ’77February 21, 2020Amazon Prime Video55
S01E10Eilu v’ Eilu (season finale)February 21, 2020Amazon Prime Video70

Hunters: Season 2 Total Episode List, First Aired, Run Time

Hunters Total Episode List
EpisodeNameFirst AiredRuntime
S02E01Van Glooten’s Day 1972 Butter Sculptor of the YearJanuary 13, 2023Amazon Prime Video55
S02E02Buenos AiresJanuary 13, 2023Amazon Prime Video49
S02E03Duck. Quail. Goose. Crow.January 13, 2023Amazon Prime Video50
S02E04The FareJanuary 13, 2023Amazon Prime Video55
S02E05BlutsbandeJanuary 13, 2023Amazon Prime Video48
S02E06Only the DeadJanuary 13, 2023Amazon Prime Video46
S02E07The HomeJanuary 13, 2023Amazon Prime Video59
S02E08The Trial of Adolf Hitler (series finale)January 13, 2023Amazon Prime Video66

Will Hunters return for a third season? 

The end is near for Amazon Prime Video’s Hunters, insiders have sadly confirmed to Deadline, who quoted them as saying, “The end is in sight for Amazon Prime Video’s Hunters.” The upcoming second season of the David Weil and Jordan Peele executive produced conspiracy thriller drama series will be its last. The previous season received a reasonably average amount of attention, but the show has been cancelled.

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Hunters: Cast 

  • Logan Lerman as Jonah Heidelbaum
  • Jerrika Hinton as Millie Morris
  • Lena Olin as The Colonel/Eva
  • Saul Rubinek as Murray Markowitz
  • Carol Kane as Mindy Markowitz
  • Josh Radnor as Lonny Flash
  • Greg Austin as Travis Leich
  • Tiffany Boone as Roxy Jones
  • Louis Ozawa as Joe Torrance
  • Kate Mulvany as Sister Harriet
  • Dylan Baker as Biff Simpson

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Is it worth watching the hunters? 

The game Hunters is incredibly worthwhile. It is well directed, features excellent characters, and has violence. 

How many Hunters episodes are there? 


Was there a season 2 of Hunters? 

It has been confirmed that Prime Video will begin streaming Hunters season 2 on January 13, 2023. 

Hunters: Was it Cancelled? 

Season 2 of “Hunters” at Amazon, which will premiere on January 13th, will be the final season, according to Variety. The conspiracy thriller series first launched on the streaming platform in February 2020. It was later renewed for a second season in August of that same year, however no mention of the show’s cancellation was made at the time.

Who appears in Season 2 of Hunters? 

Josh Radnor, Tiffany Boone, Carol Kane, Louis Ozawa, Kate Mulvany, Greg Austin, and other original cast members are back for season two, along with newcomer Jennifer Jason Leigh. 

Will there be a third season of Hunters? 

YouTube has more video content. The second and last season of Hunters, the revenge thriller starring Logan Lerman and Al Pacino, will be released to Prime Video on Friday, January 13.

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