Hot skull Total Episode List, Length, Run Time, and Cast

A mysterious new epidemic that spreads through language and speech is the subject of the new Turkish science fiction series Hot Skull. Murat Siyavus, a former linguist, is the only one who is unaffected by the illness. Murat must take any measures necessary to reach a safe area because he is being pursued by the Anti-Epidemic institution. 

Hot Skull, a gritty political drama, has the potential to be Netflix’s next big hit. The new series’ eight episodes are all currently available to stream on the platform. However, if you want to know everything there is to know about the program, keep reading!

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Hot Skull: Overview

  • Release Date 2 December 2022
  • Language Turkish
  • Genre Adventure, Drama, Mystery
  • Creator Mert Baykal
  • Director Mert Baykal
  • Writer Mert Baykal, Gokhan Seker, M. Ferhan Sensoy, Zafer Külünk
  • Production TIMS Productions
  • Episodes 8
Hot Skull

Hot skull: Total Episode List, First Aired & Run Time

EpisodeNameFirst AiredRuntime
S01E01Galanthus ByzanintusDecember 2, 2022Netflix65
S01E02Kedi, Kutu HuniDecember 2, 2022Netflix59
S01E036. BölgeDecember 2, 2022Netflix62
S01E04Yüksek AteşDecember 2, 2022Netflix60
S01E05Şafak Söktü, Akrep ÖldüDecember 2, 2022Netflix60
S01E067’ye 13 KalaDecember 2, 2022Netflix61
S01E07Gül Ve DikenDecember 2, 2022Netflix61
S01E08Adımın Bir Önemi Yok (season finale)December 2, 2022Netflix71

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Hot skull: cast

  • Osman Sonant as Murat
  • Şevket Çoruh as Anton
  • Hazal Subaşı as Şule
  • Tilbe Saran as Emel
  • Kubilay Tunçer as Fazil
  • Özgür Emre Yıldırım as Özgür
  • Gonca Vuslateri as Yasemin
  • Zerrin Sümer as Makbule
  • Yetkin Dikinciler as Behzat
  • Hakan Gerçek as Can
  • Erdem Akakçe as Cevat
  • Barış Yıldız as Erol
  • Arda Anarat as Arif
  • Furkan Kalabalik as Serhat
  • Şebnem Hassanisoughi as Canan
  • Cüneyt Uzunlar as Haydar
  • Haluk Bilginer as Haluk

Here is the Official Trailer of Hot Skull:

Official Trailer of Hot Skull

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The Netflix series Hot Skull has how many episodes? 

There are a total of eight episodes in Hot Skull season 1. Each episode lasts about an hour, with at least one lasting an hour and ten minutes. 

Do Hot Skull available in English? 

Turkish is the language of Hot Skull because it is a Turkish series, but if you prefer not to use subtitles, you can change the audio to the English dub.

Parents’ guide and age rating for Hot Skull?

For some strong language, smoking, substance use, and violence, Hot Skull is rated TV-MA. 

Does Hot Skull have a book basis? 

Yes! The movie Hot Skull is based on Afşin Kum’s book of the same name.

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