Faadu Total Episode List, Run Time, Length, and Cast 

Faadu, season 1, A drama-romance show, debuted on SonyLIV. Season 1 of Faadu stars Abhilash Thapliyal, Saiyami Kher, and Pavail Gulati in prominent roles. Faadu is a web series in the Hindi language from India that is produced by StudioNext and directed by Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari. It is written by Saumya Joshi and centers on the story of a guy who overcomes adversity to live an incredible life while addressing several life’s challenges. Pavail Gulati and Saiyami Kher are the show’s stars. Now only SonyLIV is offering live streaming of the programme.

To know more about the episode-wise run time and total length of Faadu season 1 read the below article.

CAT Total Episode List, Run Time, Length, and Cast

Faadu Season 1 Total Episodes List and Length of Each Episode

Episode NameEpisode NumberRun Time
Diamond In The RoughS1E137 minutes
Starry NightS1E234 minutes
The DiceS1E335 minutes
A CrossingS1E442 minutes
Like A Score ThumbS1E541 minutes
First BloodS1E639 minutes
Familiar StrangerS1E741 minutes
Sunset PointS1E842 minutes
Daisies in the DesertS1E952 minutes
Dizzy At The Mountain TopS1E1046 minutes
End Of The TunnelS1E1163 minutes
TOTAL RUN TIME472 minutes

Season 1 of Faadu has a total of 11 episodes. Each episode lasts between 34 and 63 minutes. 

Now only SonyLIV is offering live streaming of the programme.


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Diamond In The Rough (9th December 2022)

In college, Manjiri from Konkan meets Abhay from a Mumbai ghetto. The adventure of a mysterious poetic love story starts.

Starry Night (9th December 2022)

When Abhay first meets Ratan Kinkhwabwala, Manjiri is overcome by his thirst for hazardous plans and his lack of fear.

The Dice (9th December 2022)

Ratan’s demeanour charms Abhay, who comes up with a bold strategy to confront Roxy. Manjri gives in to Abhay’s erratic passion and enters Ratan’s realm, which reveals a divergent tale.

A Crossing (9th December 2022)

Abhay devises a risky strategy to succeed in Ratan’s casino as Manjiri travels alongside him on an ambiguous voyage. Abhay is shocked by a life lesson that comes in the midst of love and ambition.

Like A Sore Thumb (9th December 2022)

Manjri sees Abhay’s entrepreneurship drive in action as he methodically organises an accident and secures his first significant client. Battle and glory are coming.

First Blood (9th December 2022)

When businessman Dhirendra Patel writes Abhay his first check, his enthusiasm is further stoked. Manjri sees his unattainable ambition become both a reality and a nightmare.

Familiar Stranger (9th December 2022)

In a modernised life, Abhay and Manjiri examine and modify evolving characters. By chance, Abhay runs with Rohington Udeshi, who helps him achieve his broader objectives. The dominoes start to fall.


Sunset Point (9th December 2022)

Abhay uses deception to get to Anant Udeshi. An astounding revelation forces Manjiri to make a choice because of his intense desire to amass enormous wealth and Manjiri’s idealistic way of life.

Daisies In The Desert (9th December 2022)

In the solitude of Konkan, Manjiri mulls on her current relationship with Abhay, who must decide between his loyalties to the dissolute Anant Udeshi and to his dependable buddy Tukaram.

Dizzy At The Mountain Top (9th December 2022)

Reuniting in Konkan, Manjiri discovers her solution through introspection while Abhay departs with ominous unsolved questions.

End Of The Tunnel (9th December 2022)

Abhay assesses his difficult, self-destructive life after a devastating tragedy. He makes a daring move against Anant Udeshi and swears to come back stronger for Manjri.

Faadu Season 1: Overview

In the novel Faadu, a guy from modern India is caught between two conflicting moral decisions. He is caught between the threads of true love and economic advancement. Abhay is an irate poet and dreamer who hopes to quickly become the protagonist of his rags-to-riches tale. He meets Manjiri, a poetess with a unique life philosophy, on this ambitious trip of need and greed and falls in love with her. Will Abhay opt for love and simplicity in a time when everyone is chasing after their own ambitious goals, or will he lean more toward money and complexity? It does not matter where you were born, says Faadu in an attempt to address this very human question. Your actions will determine your future. But what if your self-written future goes horribly wrong and you want to go back to the beginning?

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Faadu Season 1: Series Cast  

Saiyami Kher

Pavail Gulati

Abhilash Thapliyal

Neeraj Kashyap

Deepak Sampat

While viewing Season 1 of Faadu, you can have the following questions. 

How many episodes are in Season 1 of Faadu? 

Season 1 of Faadu has a total of 11 episodes. 

How long does it take to watch the first season of Faadu? 

The first season of Faadu has a 472-minute runtime. Therefore, watching the full first season of Faadu will take 472 minutes, or 7 hours and 52 minutes

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