Evan Hafer Net Worth 2023: Soldier To Successful Entrepreneur

Evan Hafer is a former US infantryman, his Black Rifle Coffee’s Success In A Cup is an inspirational story for us. Evan Hafer net worth of $10 million and You can read about his journey in this article. Hafer is the founder of Black Rifle Coffee Company that’s why so many people are interested to know about his net worth. If you are looking for Evan Hafer Net Worth then check out till the last and know some amazing facts about Evan Hafer’s journey.

Evan Hafer is a veteran soldier, From a soldier to a successful entrepreneur is not a cup of coffee for everyone but he made it. Let’s read about Evan Hafer’s career and the incredible action that made him successful at a young age. Many people asked about what led him to set up the Black Rifle Coffee Company that is so successful. And currently, it is estimated that Evan Hafer’s net worth is around $10 million.

Real NameEvan Hafer
Evan Hafer Age46 years old
Evan HaferDate Of Birth1977
Birth PlaceNorthern Idaho
Height5 Foot 6 Inches
Weight77 KG
Eye ColourDark Brown
Marital StatusMarried
Evan Hafer WifeKate Hafer
ProfessionBusiness, Former Military Veteran
Net Worth$10 million
Evan Hafer

Evan Hafer Net Worth 2023

Evan Hafer is a former US infantryman who has a net worth of $10 million and The Black Rifle Coffee Company’s value is $1.7 Billion which is surprisingly huge compared to the other brands at the early age. He is the founder of Black Rifle Coffee Company, in December 2014, he started the venture alongside two of his buddies.

From that time it has grown in leaps and bounds ever since. Currently, in the year 2023, the sources have confirmed that Evan Hafer’s net worth is estimated to be about $10 million which is still a dream for so many founders at this early age. let’s try to know in detail and deep drive to know his journey and his life.

$1.7 Billion worth of company distributed in 1700 locations scattered all over the US. Hafer’s company roasts over one million pounds of coffee per year. It grosses over $30 million annually. This information is taken from the world’s popular source Forbes.

Today, Evan Hafer owned his company which is the largest veteran-owned offer roastery in the Us, and continues to grow. Black Rifle Coffee increases its sales margin by tens of millions of dollars every year and Hafer is the serving CEO of the company. Behind every success story, there is a story that we don’t know. Let’s try to know about his story.

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Evan Hafer Early life

Evan Hafer is a native of Northern Idaho where roasting coffee was a regular activity. While growing up, he was used to this environment where he took an interest in roasting coffee. Fortunately roasting coffee was a regular activity in the Hafer household. His father and grandfather roast delicious coffee at home, and he spent time watching this activity. It was here he took an interest in this art.

Evan Hafer Net Worth

At a very young age, Hafer dreamt of serving his country as a soldier. After he graduated from high school he joined the Washington National Guard right. During his training period, Hafer scored the top in Physical Training and marksmanship where he earned lots of respect from everyone and easily become popular in the base camp. Hafer jumped right into the Special Forces course After graduating from Basic Training, to become a Green Beret.

During his service period, he was a special serviceman, a Special CIA contractor, an Air force Staff sergeant, and an army ranger. As a Special Serviceman and an Infantry soldier, he served in Afghanistan and Iraq.

He developed a liking for coffee roasting while still in service, and he started roasting his coffee beans in 2006. He took roasting coffee beans to his foreign mission. he founded Black Rifle Coffee Company before leaving service, and in 2015, eventually retired from active duty.

Evan Hafer Age

Evan Huffer enlisted in the United States Army as a young adult. He was associated with the army for more than 20 years. Exact date of birth is unknown due to lack of information on his date of birth. But based on his military experience, he is probably around 46 years old.

Evan Hafer’s Height and Weight

Evan Huffer’s weight is 77 kg. And her height is 5 feet 6 inches tall (about 1.74 meters).

Evan Hafer’s Wife and Children

Evan Haffer’s wife’s name is Kate Haffer. However, he did not give any information about his marital status or wife. His social media profiles often display pictures of his wife Kate Huffer. They have one child together.

Evan Hafer Career & Achievements

His first achievements were recorded in the military before his entrepreneurial success. He joined the Army as an Infantryman and later moved to join the elite Green Berets rank. He served for more than ten years before working as a personal protection contractor for the US State Department.

While moving from Iraq and, later, Afghanistan he started honing his coffee roasting skills. With regular practice, he got better at it. when he founded Black Rifle Coffee Company in 2014, it didn’t come as a surprise to his friends because they already knew about his passion for coffee roasting skills. Black Coffee may have attracted customers from all sides that’s why The company gained popularity and has grown since as a veteran-owned coffee roastery.

The brand’s popularity rose to a level where it obtained the right to be recognized as a conservative coffee brand although Black Coffee may have attracted customers from all sides. People are curious to know what drives it most for this impressive success of the company. You will be surprised to know that company’s impressive marketing drive helped drive up sales by double points last year which is brilliantly handled by the team.

Evan Hafer Career

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Evan Hafer famous for?

Evan Hafer is the founder and the current CEO of Black Rifle Coffee Company, and also a former Army serviceman and entrepreneur.

Where is the Black Rifle Coffee Company headquarters located?

Evan Hafer is the CEO of Black Rifle Coffee Company, which headquarters is located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

When Does Black Rifle Coffee Company found?

Evan Hafer opened Black Rifle Coffee Company in 2014 with two of his friends, veterans.

How Much is Evan Hafer’s Net Worth?

It is estimated that Evan Hafer’s net worth is estimated at $10 million.

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