Doom Patrol Total Episode List, Length, Run Time & Cast

The American superhero television programme Doom Patrol was created by Jeremy Carver. The series, which is based on the same-named DC Comics superhero team, stars Diane Guerrero as Jane, Rita Farr as April Bowlby, Vic Stone as Joivan Wade, Larry Trainor as Matt Bomer as Matthew Zuk, Cliff Steele as Brendan Fraser as Riley Shanahan, and Chief as Timothy Dalton. These characters all play members of the titular Doom Patrol. The two shows are situated in different timelines, despite Bowlby, Bomer, and Fraser reprising their Titans roles.

The show debuted on February 15, 2019, only on the DC Universe streaming platform. On June 25, 2020, episodes of the second season were simultaneously made available on DC Universe and HBO Max for streaming.

In Doom Patrol, we follow the improbable heroes of the titular team, who all acquired their powers tragically and are typically despised by society. The Chief, a doctor who provided medical care to the majority of the squad, gave them housing in his home to help keep them safe from the outside world. Their name comes from a previous Doom Patrol squad that the Chief created.

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The first Doom Patrol members to appear in the series are Rita Farr, whose body is in danger of becoming gelatinous, Jane, the dominant identity of a traumatised woman with dissociative identity disorder, and Larry Trainor, who is home to an entity of evil energy.

Doom Patrol: Season 1 Total Episode List, First Aired, Run Time

Doom Patrol Total Episode List
EpisodeNameFirst AiredRuntime
S01E01PilotFebruary 15, 2019DC Universe59
S01E02Donkey PatrolFebruary 22, 2019DC Universe58
S01E03Puppet PatrolMarch 1, 2019DC Universe53
S01E04Cult PatrolMarch 8, 2019DC Universe47
S01E05Paw PatrolMarch 15, 2019DC Universe56
S01E06Doom Patrol PatrolMarch 22, 2019DC Universe57
S01E07Therapy PatrolMarch 29, 2019DC Universe51
S01E08Danny PatrolApril 5, 2019DC Universe52
S01E09Jane PatrolApril 12, 2019DC Universe45
S01E10Hair PatrolApril 19, 2019DC Universe51
S01E11Frances PatrolApril 26, 2019DC Universe49
S01E12Cyborg PatrolMay 3, 2019DC Universe45
S01E13Flex PatrolMay 10, 2019DC Universe51
S01E14Penultimate PatrolMay 17, 2019DC Universe45
S01E15Ezekiel Patrol (season finale)May 24, 2019DC Universe

Doom Patrol: Season 2 Total Episode List, First Aired, Run Time

Doom Patrol Total Episode List
EpisodeNameFirst AiredRuntime
S02E01Fun Size PatrolJune 25, 2020DC Universe54
S02E02Tyme PatrolJune 25, 2020DC Universe54
S02E03Pain PatrolJune 25, 2020DC Universe50
S02E04Sex PatrolJuly 2, 2020DC Universe53
S02E05Finger PatrolJuly 9, 2020DC Universe52
S02E06Space PatrolJuly 16, 2020DC Universe51
S02E07Dumb PatrolJuly 23, 2020DC Universe48
S02E08Dad PatrolJuly 30, 2020DC Universe54
S02E09Wax Patrol (season finale)August 6, 2020DC Universe46

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Doom Patrol: Season 3 Total Episode List, First Aired, Run Time

Doom Patrol Total Episode List
EpisodeNameFirst AiredRuntime
S03E01Possibilities PatrolSeptember 23, 2021HBO Max57
S03E02Vacay PatrolSeptember 23, 2021HBO Max53
S03E03Dead PatrolSeptember 23, 2021HBO Max55
S03E04Undead PatrolSeptember 30, 2021HBO Max52
S03E05Dada PatrolOctober 7, 2021HBO Max51
S03E061917 PatrolOctober 14, 2021HBO Max54
S03E07Bird PatrolOctober 21, 2021HBO Max49
S03E08Subconscious PatrolOctober 28, 2021HBO Max56
S03E09Evil PatrolNovember 4, 2021HBO Max50
S03E10Amends Patrol (season finale)November 11, 2021HBO Max50

Doom Patrol: Season 4 Total Episode List, First Aired, Run Time

EpisodeNameFirst AiredRuntime
S04E01Doom PatrolDecember 8, 2022HBO Max49
S04E02Butt PatrolDecember 8, 2022HBO Max51
S04E03Nostalgia PatrolDecember 15, 2022HBO Max45
S04E04Casey PatrolDecember 22, 2022HBO Max40
S04E05Youth PatrolDecember 29, 2022HBO Max54
S04E06Hope Patro (lmid-season finale)January 5, 2023HBO Max46
S04E07Orqwith PatrolHBO Max
S04E08Fame PatrolHBO Max
S04E09Immortimas PatrolHBO Max
S04E10Tomb PatrolHBO Max
S04E11Portal PatrolHBO Max
S04E12Done Patrol (season finale)HBO Max

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Doom Patrol: Characters and the cast

  • Diane Guerrero as Crazy Jane/Kay Challis
  • April Bowlby as Elasti-Woman/Rita Farr
  • Mr. Nobody (Alan Tudyk) as Eric Morden (season 1)
  • Larry Trainor/Negative Man is played by Matt Bomer and Matthew Zuk.
  • Cliff Steele and Robotman are played by Brendan Fraser and Riley Shanahan. 
  • Shanahan performs the Brain’s voice in season 3.
  • Timothy Dalton as The Chief/Niles Caulder (seasons 1–3)
  • Cyborg/Victor “Vic” Stone is played by Joivan Wade.
  • Kay Challis, played by Skye Roberts (season 3–present; recurring season 1–2)
  • Laura De Mille/Madame Rouge as portrayed by Michelle Gomez (season 3–present)

What kind of people are the Doom Patrol?

Heroes that are regarded as freaks and outcasts make up the Doom Patrol team. Three super-powered outcasts—Robotman, Elasti-Girl, and Negative Man—were gathered by the scientist Chief (Niles Caulder) to exploit their abilities for the common good.

Is Doom Patrol’s Titans a sequel to it?

Trivia (21) (21) Although “Doom Patrol” was formally regarded as a “Titans” spin-off, many fans found discrepancies between the show and the “Titans” episode in which they were first presented.

Does Doom Patrol violate any rules?

What Parents Need to Know About Doom Patrol is shown in the image. Parents should be aware that the reboot of the venerable DC comic with the same name known as Doom Patrol is an adult-oriented one.

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