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Andy Hildebrand Net Worth: Andy Hildebrand is an American innovator who invented Auto-Tune. Software that not alone corrects pitches but also enhances and adjusts the sound of a musical note. It was first used by Cher in her song titled ‘Believe’ in 1998.

After that the invention is still used today by countless musicians around the world. And it was such a huge success that other musicians began to rely on the software to create their songs.

Andy Hildebrand Net worth

Andy Hildebrand’s net worth is around $23 million as of 2022. which he has collected over the years based on his invention in 1997. Because its software has revolutionized the music industry, musicians can rely on it to make them sound better on their music.

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Andy Hildebrand’s Early life

Andy Hildebrandt is a Coronado, California-born inventor, engineer, and entrepreneur born on May 12, 1954. He attended the Shepherd School of Music, the University of Michigan where he studied systems science, and the University of Illinois for his Ph.D. and Master in Electrical Engineering. Later, he went to work for the oil giant ‘Exxon’.

According to an Andy Hildebrand interview, Andy did not consider himself a “regular child” and despite spending a lot of time in books, he did not adapt well to the school’s structure, which made it difficult for him to spend much time sitting in class.

Dr. Andy Hildebrand

Andy Hildebrand Bio And Quick Facts

Real NameAndy Hildebrand
Date Of BirthMay 12, 1954
Age68 years old
ProfessionEngineer, Entrepreneur,
and an Inventor
Net Worth$23 Million

Andy Hildebrand Career

After his doctoral degree in 1976, Andy Hildebrand began working for Exxon. Where he worked in the product research department for seismic data processing research for 4 years. He started his own company called ‘Landmark Graphics’ which became the world’s first standalone seismic data interpretation workstation.

Andy focuses on signal processing in the geophysical industry. where he used audio to map the Earth’s surface. In 1989 he returned to study at the University of Michigan to study music composition.

In 1990, he launched a software product designed for music called Jupiter Systems. It later changed its name to Antares Audio Technologies. As time progressed in the musical works. He began using digital signal processing technology to create looping techniques in digital samples of music.

Also in his experiments, he succeeded in creating Multi Band Dynamic Tool, JVP, and SST which are Oro Tools plug-ins. Auto-Tune software was released on September 19, 1997, and changed the world of music. It was first used by Cher in her song titled ‘Believe’ and it was a huge success resulting in musicians from all over the globe heavily relying on it in their songwriting.

Andy Hildebrand Wife

Andy Hildebrand’s wife’s name is Georganna. They both live redwood forest near Felton, California, USA. Andy and his wife are making an active donation of over $80,000 worth of equipment to the Santa Cruz County Career Technical Education Partnership.

Andy Hildebrand Age & Birthday

Dr. Andy Hildebrand is an American inventor and scientist who was born on May 12, 1954, in the state of California, USA. Dr. Andy is 68 years old in 2022.

Andy Hildebrand Height & Weight

Andy is 1.78 m (5 feet 10 inches) tall and weighs around 75 kg (165 pounds).

Andy Hildebrand Auto-Tune

Auto-Tune is a real-time audio pitch-correction software developed by Andy Hildebrand in 1996. This program eliminates the need to patch together several takes, a major problem in the recording business that this software helped to alleviate.

Andy Hildebrand Auto-Tune

It is now considered an essential tool in the music studio. Its story has appeared in various media, including Priceonomics and PBS Nova.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the creator of Auto-Tune?

Dr. Andy Hildebrand developed Auto-Tune. The first song released using Auto-Tune applied to vocals was 1998’s “Believe” by Cher.

Where Does Andy Hildebrand Live Now?

Dr. Andy Hildebrand and his wife Georganna live in Redwood Forest near Felton, California, USA.

When Is Andy Hildebrand’s Birthday?

The California-born Engineer was born on May 12, 1954.

What Is Andy Hildebrand’s Age?

Dr. Andy Hildebrand is 68 years old in 2022.

What is Andy Hildebrand’s net worth for 2022?

The current estimate of Andy Hildebrandt’s net worth is $23 million. He founded Antares Autotune.


The current estimate of Andy Hildebrandt’s net worth is $23 million. He is the creator of Auto-Tune, a program that corrected pitches and completely changed the music business. Dr. Andy Hildebrand is not a media personality, which makes it challenging for us to determine more information about Andy Hildebrand. However, we will update this post if we discover any new information about Dr. Andy Hildebrand.

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